New Year, New...

Happy New Year! We made through the holidays! Now, on to 2019 and all the New Year has to offer. For many, the year is a time of new beginnings, a time to better oneself and leave all the bad things that happened the year before behind. New Year New You, right? Many make resolutions or pick “word” to be their focus for the year. I’ve decided to take a different approach this year. Mainly because I rarely stick with my resolutions. It feels like a lot of pressure to be better than last year. Now, don’t get me wrong there are definitely things I can improve on but I’m choosing not to focus on what needs to be fixed.

I was recently listening to Rachel Hollis’ Rise podcast where they were discussing New Year’s resolutions. The guest, Brendan Burchard, said he doesn’t make resolutions to fix problems. To fix problems… what, mind blown! He went on to say, “this makes the year reactive, not very motivational and almost nothing related to long term dreams.” Definitely doesn’t help with mindset in the beginning of the year when you’re focusing on all your weakness for the first month. “It doesn’t stick if it’s just a fix”. Seriously, check out the podcast, Episode 75, the whole thing is FIRE! I’ve already listened to it three times in the last 3 weeks.

Brendan suggests listeners look beyond your current circumstances, set skill goals that will lead to success in 3-5 years. Skill goals are things you can’t currently do confidently right now but you will need to be able to do to achieve that success in the future. Figure out the big “needle movers” to focus on to get where you want to be. He talks about habits and intentions, its just all so good. Resolutions should be more about what you’re going to learn versus what you’re going to achieve. There are so many good nuggets, I wish I could publish the transcript so you can just read it here. Since, I can’t just PLEASE go listen if you’ve got dreams that seem out of reach or are overwhelming.

Personally, I am still working on this, so I can’t tell you what my exact plan is for this year. But, I do know I have so many great resources and people around me and supporting me that whatever I decide, it will be possible! If you have goals that I can help you with, real estate or otherwise, please reach out! Let’s do this together!

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